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 Throughout his academic career, two philosophers took pride of place in the teaching and research of professor Herman De Dijn: Benedict Spinoza and David Hume.

Publications and contributions of professor Herman...
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 Mutatuli LecturesThe topic of the 'Mutatuli Lectures' touches on multiculturalism, and attempts to adress questions such as `under what circumstances will cultural confrontation lead to enrichment rather than antagonism?´, ìn what way is...  
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 Politeia ConferenceThe Politeia Conference has been established to bring to a wider audience some of the innovative ideas driving discussions about the future of our society.

This conference is a bi-annual event where creative and s...
20-04-2012 : Conference: Object Identification. Ethical Reflections on Privacy and Dual-use
On Friday 20 april, the CWTE is organising a conference on Object Identification. Ethical Reflections on Privacy and Dual-use (COGNIMUND-project by Prof. Tinne Tuytelaars)
Leuven, Auditorium Arenbergkasteel 01.07

The aim of the symposium is to shed light on the ethical problems related to the COGNIMUND-project, an EU-funded project on visual object identification under direction of prof.dr. Tinne Tuytelaars (ESAT, KU Leuven). Her research team develops a computer-program capable of analyzing pictures and identifying objects. Although the team’s project only focuses on civil applications, applications undermining privacy or enhancing dual-use could not be excluded (e.g. the use of the technology for military purposes by terrorist organizations). Therefore, on request of the European Union, a group of ethical experts under supervision of prof.dr. Johan De Tavernier (CWTE) is assigned to investigate these unwanted side-effects and to formulate advices in order to minimize or even exclude these threats.

The symposium is organized to raise consciousness among the researchers and audience by debating dual use and privacy. As experts we have invited Drs. Bart Van Der Sloot (Amsterdam) to talk about ‘Google Street View: The Role of Object-Identification in Privacy-Abuse’ and Prof.Dr. Quentin Michel (Université de Liège) about ‘Object-Identification: Military and Civil Applications Versus Dual-Use in the European Union.’
02.00pm Welcome and presentation of the COGNIMUND project (Prof. T. Tuytelaars)

02.30pm Prof. J. DE TAVERNIER & Lic. L. Moureau: Status Quaestionis of the Ethics Research

03.00pm DRS. B. VAN DER SLOOT: ‘Google Street View: The Role of Object-Identification in Privacy-Abuse’

(presentation of 30 minutes, followed by discussion)

04.00pm BREAK (coffee & tea)

04.15pm Prof. Q. MICHEL: ‘Object-Identification: Military and Civil Applications Versus Dual-Use in the European Union’
(presentation of 45 minutes, followed by discussion and brain storming session)

05.30-06.00pm Concluding remarks (Prof. T. Tuytelaars, Prof. J. De Tavernier & Lic. L. Moureau)

Reception (Salons Arenbergkasteel)


Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 postbus 2440
B-3001 Heverlee (Leuven)
Kasteelpark Arenberg

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