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 Throughout his academic career, two philosophers took pride of place in the teaching and research of professor Herman De Dijn: Benedict Spinoza and David Hume.

Publications and contributions of professor Herman...
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 Mutatuli LecturesThe topic of the 'Mutatuli Lectures' touches on multiculturalism, and attempts to adress questions such as `under what circumstances will cultural confrontation lead to enrichment rather than antagonism?´, ěn what way is...  
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 Politeia ConferenceThe Politeia Conference has been established to bring to a wider audience some of the innovative ideas driving discussions about the future of our society.

This conference is a bi-annual event where creative and...
Advanced European bioethics course
 The Advanced European bioethics course ‘Responsible Innovation and Human Genomics’ will be organized from 9-13 March 2015 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

In this 4,5 day course we will explore the nature of human-technology relations, as well as their value. The focus will be on ethical dimensions of developments in medical technology and genomics.
The lectures by various experts will introduce basic philosophical and ethical concepts related to responsible innovation and genomics. Small group discussions and working groups are devoted to in-depth discussions of particular contemporary ethical issues.

The key-note speaker will be prof. Hedwig te Molder chair of the Strategic Communications group at the department of Social Sciences at Wageningen University and Research Centre.

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Politeia Conference 2014: Bernhard Schlink
 Politeia Conference 2014: Bernhard SchlinkOn Tuesday 8 April 2014 Bernhard Schlink, author of The Reader and Professor of public law and philosophy of law, was given a public evening lecture of the 2014 Politeia Conference.

Prof. Schlink spoke on "Freedom to Remember, Freedom to Forget?" in the context of the commemoration of the centenary of the beginning of the Great War.

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Amsterdam 2015 - Management in the VUCA World: The Role of Spirituality
 Amsterdam 2015 - Management in the VUCA World: The Role of SpiritualityThe annual SPES Conference will take place in Amsterdam in July 3-4, 2015. Theme of the Conference is ' Management in the VUCA World: The Role of Spirituality'. The theme of the conference has been broadened in order to give more people the opportunity to contribute to the conference. New deadline for submission of paper proposal is January 31, 2015.

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 PublicationsEuropean SPES Cahier 7: Leading with Wisdom
How wisdom and spirituality can result in a more integrated and peaceful practice of leadership.

European SPES Cahier 6: Respect and Economic Democracy
This publication is based on the hypothesis that democracy will become a growing ingredient of good business and leadership.

European SPES Cahier 5: Heroes and Anti-heroes. European Literature and the Ethics of Leadership
The firm belief that divergent (cultural) systems i.e. business ethics and literature can enrich each other is at the core of this publication.

The Palgrave Handbook of Spirituality and Business summarizes the most important issues, approaches and models in the field of spirituality in business, economics and society.

Spiritual Humanism, Economic Wisdom - Essays in the honour of Luk Bouckaert
This special publication collects international essays in the honour of Luk Bouckaert. In the spirit of the European SPES forum, this volume covers issues of contemporary economics using a humanist perspective and discusses interrelated problems of business, ethics and society from spiritually based viewpoints.

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Multatuli Lecture 2013
 Multatuli Lecture 2013On Tuesday 21 May, Ian Buruma spoke on 'Asia as Myth: the East in the Western Imagination', Tuesday 21 May in the Promotion Hall of the University Halls (in Dutch).

To understand a different culture, simply accumulating information is not enough. An awareness of the stereotypes we use to process this information is at least of equal importance. We often only notice the things we expect to notice. Of course, the better we know a culture, the easier it is to see through the deception projected by such stereotypes: we all know that Holland is more than cloggs, windmills and tulips. When it comes to less familiar countries, however, it is often not so easy to distinguish clearly between fact and fiction. Asian cultures have evoked many different stereotypes since Herodotus. How do these western fantasies distort our view of the real China?

Ian Buruma was educated in Holland and Japan, where he studied history, Chinese literature, and Japanese cinema. He has worked in journalism and held several editorial and academic positions. In 2003 he became Luce Professor of Democracy, Human Rights, and Journalism at Bard College, New York.
From European SPES Forum to European SPES Institute
 From European SPES Forum to European SPES InstituteThe Steering Committee of the European SPES Forum gathered in Ypres on April 9, 2014. It took some important decisions which have been presented to the assembly of SPES members during the closing session of the Ypres Conference on April 12.

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The European Parliament as a democratic gatekeeper – Evolutions and future challenges
arrow [04-03-2015] - multatuli
Multatuli-lecture 2015
arrow [09-03-2015] - Ethics
Advanced European bioethics course
arrow [13-03-2015] - WE
Limits to the growth of electronic monitoring?
arrow [19-03-2015] - WE
Health Research Capacity Building and Benefit Sharing in Low-Middle Income Countries
arrow [19-03-2015] - ethicsatarenberg
“Leven met biofysische grenzen”, door Prof. Hans Bruyninckx, Directeur Europees Milieuagentschap, Kopenhagen
arrow [25-03-2015] - WE
Towards an Ethical Anthropology: Encounters, Practices and Lessons learned
arrow [25-03-2015] - WE
Thema: Wetenschappelijke integriteit
arrow [30-04-2015] - WE
Surviving the Catastrophe: Commemoration of the Armenian genocide + Concert Vache Sharafyan
arrow [30-04-2015] - WE
Sovereignty yesterday, today, and tomorrow?
arrow [03-07-2015] - Eurospes
Applying Simplicity to Management