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 Throughout his academic career, two philosophers took pride of place in the teaching and research of professor Herman De Dijn: Benedict Spinoza and David Hume.

Publications and contributions of professor Herman...
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 Mutatuli LecturesThe topic of the 'Mutatuli Lectures' touches on multiculturalism, and attempts to adress questions such as `under what circumstances will cultural confrontation lead to enrichment rather than antagonism?´, ěn what way is...  
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 Politeia ConferenceThe Politeia Conference has been established to bring to a wider audience some of the innovative ideas driving discussions about the future of our society.

This conference is a bi-annual event where creative and s...
Ethical Perspectives: June 2015 (volume 22/2)
  • Bart Pattyn: Introduction

  • Ronen Shnayderman: On Being Forced to Be Free. Between Republican and Liberal Freedom

  • Andrew Fiala: Criticizing Common Sense about War and Posthumous Harm

  • Janna Thompson: Can Groups Have Human Rights?

  • Sven Nyholm: Reason With Me: Confabulation and Interpersonal Moral Reasoning

  • Book reviews

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Multatuli Lecture 2015: Michael Tomasello
 Multatuli Lecture 2015: Michael TomaselloThe Multatuli Lecture of 2015 was given by Michael Tomasello, an American developmental and comparative psychologist and co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. Theme of his lecture was "the evolutionary origins of human morality".

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 PublicationsEuropean SPES Cahier 7: Leading with Wisdom
How wisdom and spirituality can result in a more integrated and peaceful practice of leadership.

European SPES Cahier 6: Respect and Economic Democracy
This publication is based on the hypothesis that democracy will become a growing ingredient of good business and leadership.

European SPES Cahier 5: Heroes and Anti-heroes. European Literature and the Ethics of Leadership
The firm belief that divergent (cultural) systems i.e. business ethics and literature can enrich each other is at the core of this publication.

The Palgrave Handbook of Spirituality and Business summarizes the most important issues, approaches and models in the field of spirituality in business, economics and society.

Spiritual Humanism, Economic Wisdom - Essays in the honour of Luk Bouckaert
This special publication collects international essays in the honour of Luk Bouckaert. In the spirit of the European SPES forum, this volume covers issues of contemporary economics using a humanist perspective and discusses interrelated problems of business, ethics and society from spiritually based viewpoints.

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From European SPES Forum to European SPES Institute
 From European SPES Forum to European SPES InstituteThe Steering Committee of the European SPES Forum gathered in Ypres on April 9, 2014. It took some important decisions which have been presented to the assembly of SPES members during the closing session of the Ypres Conference on April 12.

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30 Years of European Bioethics